Equipment Incentives for 2020

January 22, 2020

There are numerous equipment incentive programs offered in Canada for restaurant and small business owners. Whether you are looking to replace an old dishwasher, or to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit there are incentives in place to help you transition. LINK



 Jackson WWS - Energy Star Models that Qualify for Rebates

DishStar HT-E-SEER DishStar HT-E DishStar LT DishStar LTH Delta HT-E-SEER-T Delta HT-E-SEER-S
Delta HT-E-SEER DynaStar (40-70) DynaStar W/O DynaTemp VER TempStar TempStar Ventless
TempStar W/O TempStar HH-E TempStar HH-E W/O

TempStar HH-E Ventless

RackStar 44CE RackStar 44CE Energy Recovery
    RackStar 66CE

RackStar 66CE Energy Recovery



Customer Incentives 

  • Undercounter- $100 per unit
  • Stationary Rack- $200 per unit 
  • Rack conveyor- $450 per unit 

Service Provider Incentive 

  • $50 per unit


  • Low and high temperatures
  • High temperature units only for stationary rack and single tank rack conveyor
  • Purchased and rental units are eligible
  • Commercial food preparation or processing

Mars Air Curtains 



There are also incentives for Air Curtains as they help reduce infiltration of cold or hot outside air through doorways, significantly reducing natural gas heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. For restaurants, the Mars Air Curtain is a great solution to the perception your customers have of not wanting a table near the front door. Outside of the money you'll save from energy going out the door there are now incentives available to have them installed. LINK



Customer Incentive for Commercial/Industrial new construction and existing buildings 

Single Pedestrian Doors

  • $300 per single door 7' x 3'
  • $400 per single door 7' x 6'
  • $500 per single door 8' x 6'

Double Pedestrian Doors

  • $600 per double door (2) 7' x 3'
  • $800 per double door (2) 7' x 6'
  • $1,000 per double door (2) 8' x 6'

Pedestrian Single Door Air Curtain with Vestibule

  • $200 per single door 7' x 3'
  • $300 per single door 7' x 6
  • $400 per single door 8' x 6'


Pedestrian Double Door Air Curtain with Vestibule

  • $400 per double door (2) 7' x 3'
  • $600 per double door (2) 7' x 6'
  • $800 per double door (2) 8' x 6'

Shipping and Receiving Doors

  • $1,200 per door 8' x 8'
  • $1,200 per door 8' x 10'
  • $1,800 per door 10' x 10'


Bonus Incentives exclusively for shipping/docking doors

8'x8' & 8'x10' size door

  • Incentive increased from $1,200 to

10'x10' size door

  • Incentive increased from $1,800 to



  • Pedestrian single and double doors and shipping doors in buildings with natural gas space heating
  • Other door sizes not listed above may be eligible
  • Replacement of existing air curtains is not eligible
  • Buildings with vestibules are not eligible
  • Equipment installed must be tested by a third-party performance standard  (ANSI/AMCA 220-05 or similar)
  • Pedestrian Doors with Vestibules: Air Curtains must be installed on the  exterior door of the vestibule